Match Details: Colin Blythe Memorial Lunch

Kent Cricket plans to re-dedicate the Colin Blythe Memorial at The Spitfire Ground in memory of the centenary of the death of the former Kent and England spinner. Work has begun to restore the Memorial, which marks a very important part of the Club’s history as he was one of a number of Kent cricketers killed in service during World War One. As the citation on the monument reads… “To the Memory of Colin Blythe of the Kent Eleven who volunteered for active service upon the out-break of hostilities in the Great War of 1914-1918, and was killed at Ypres on the 8th Nov. 1917, aged 38”. A lunch will be held in the Pavilion to mark the occasion. It is hoped that given the proximity to Armistice Day it will become the date on which the Club remember the fallen in years to come. A stonemason is restoring much of the stone work to better condition and replacing the base. In addition, there are a number of corrections required to the monument’s inscriptions – these amendments will involve adding missing names, correcting initials, adjusting dates and including military decorations. More information has come to light since the original inscription and this seems the right moment to make such changes. Kent County Cricket Club suffered significant loss in the World Wars and the Club will do all that it can to honour the memory of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

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